Today is October 29, 2007
Sports Expo Marketing & Sales   

Perfect Partnerships...

Perfect partnerships don't just happen. They are the result of thoughtful consideration and hard work. Perfect partnerships are the business of One Brain. We bring together events looking for sponsors and sponsors looking for events.

Our goal is to create an event sponsorship program that meets the needs of both parties. One Brain secures sponsors for many leading events with particular depth of portfolio in golf, bicycling, triathlon and running, though we do not limit our activities just to those sports.

We also consult for sponsors looking for a plan of multiple events that can reach their target audiences regionally or nationwide.

After the right contract has been negotiated and an activation program is down on paper comes the hard part - flawless execution. One Brain supports all aspects of an event sponsorship program from the initial strategy development through the after event analysis and reporting. We maintain relationships with experienced support services vendors covering all of the events we represent.


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