Today is October 28, 2007
Our Partners
We are a small marketing agency with an extensive network of outside experts in all of the marketing disciplines. Our "little black book" of preferred partners has been built over 30 years of developing a team of experts-only business model. This approach results in the industry's very best marketing, creative, media, research and production people working in a cost-efficient way on our client's business.
Language Works, Kevin Rees, President:  LanguageWorks, has successfully completed over 10,000 projects for firms in the finance, law, advertising, information technology, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other sectors. Leveraging the skills of human translators with specialized expertise, in-house processes are designed to collaborate most efficiently with and integrate value-added services, such as localizing graphics, implementing translation memory, and maintaining complex data formats and structures.

David Camm, President: Advanced Web Systems provides customers with web-based solutions designed around their own unique needs. They provide a full range of hosting solutions and development services.
Quick Link Information Services, Inc., George Huedorfer, President: Quick Link has been a dedicated marketing information services company with highly personalized services for over 10 years. Quick Link's top priority is to offer clients excellence in quality control, and to complete campaigns on time, every time, at the best possible price. Quick Link's core philosophy is to combine cutting edge technology with unrivaled customer service and satisfaction.


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